England beat Denmark to seal a place in the Euro Cup 2020 Finals

euro Cup

England advanced to the Euro Cup final with a victory over Denmark at Wembley Stadium.

  • A first final appearance for England in the Euros
  • During the 1992 European Championships, Denmark won
  • Both Denmark’s opening games were lost
  • A first concession by England in the tournament
  • Defending champions to face Italy in Sunday’s final

The ground at Wembley Stadium witnessed heartbreak and joy, as it so often does. For the first time since 1966, England reaches a major final. Despite its heroic efforts in 1992, Denmark could not replicate the feat.

The match bulletin can be found here. You should read it, save it, and print it if you are a fan of England.

Next Sunday we’ll catch up for the big one (not the Wimbledon men’s final or the Copa America final).

Wembley Stadium is especially dangerous. Stay safe.

Now Italy VS England! what A match it will be! Read here, how Italy entered the finals.

Bring on Sunday

Soaking it up

Inside the stadium, England players enjoy their fans’ presence. Fans appear pleased to be back as well.

Denmark, you were great!

The Danes made it to extra-time of the semi-final after losing Ericksen to a cardiac arrest and losing their first two games, losing to an own goal and a debatable penalty.

These guys did an incredible job. Inspirational.

England reach Euro 2020 final!

That’s all. Everything is done. A final England!

Since 1966, it’s been their first appearance in a major final.

A great run by Denmark!