Epic Records has named Gina Harrell senior vice president

Epic Records has named Gina Harrell senior vice president

Music is one kind of a revolution in this era. People are in love with the latest trend in music. Everyday artists are finding a way to entertain people from all around the world. Not even artists, but the music industries are also putting a lot of effort into enhancing and producing the music that people love.

Recently, one of these music companies came in highlight, Epic Records, which is owned by a famous and well-known brand Sony. Epic Records has found a suitable person for the post of senior vice president, Gina Harrell. She has a lot of experience in making music videos. At Epic Records, Gina oversees the production of digital content and visual assets. Besides this, she worked as a line producer with many popular faces including Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Future, Mariah Corey, Charlie XCX, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, a lot more.

Gina’s appointment to her new post reunites her with Sylvia Rhone, who is the CEO and the Chairwoman of Sony Music Entertainment. Rhone is glad to have her at Epic. She said it is an honor to have Gina Harrell as the senior vice president of Epic Records. The two ladies have already worked together at Universal Motown Republic Group and Elektra Records for many years. At Universal Motown Republic Group, Gina worked as a senior vice president of video production, whereas at Elektra Records she worked as the vice president of video production, including Elliot and Busta Rhymes in her team.

Gina Harrell is undoubtedly the best when someone talks about video production. After joining the Epic Records team, she looks very happy to work under the leadership of her friend Sylvia Rhone. She said, the energy and passion of Rhone are outstanding, and she truly values their career collaborations, and longtime friendship. Harrell knows her work pretty well and now we all are looking forward to seeing her management at Epic Records.