European Officials say UK Rushed Approval of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine


The European Union Officials have slammed the UK for rushing in its landmark approval for the coronavirus vaccine and said that it is not wise to put speed ahead of safety by the health authorities. Just after examining the vaccine for ten days, the British Officials cleared the vaccine shot.

But the EU lawmakers and the bloc’s drug regulator have criticized this decision and have defended their emergency approval process, which might give Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine a nod by the end of 2020. It went on to say that its mechanism of approval is the most regulated one and is the most authorized one in the current emergency pandemic situation.

The European Parliament member Peter Liese further urged other EU countries not to be in a hurry to repeat the super-fast process like Britain. He said that a thorough examination of the vaccine is a better way rather than a hasty emergency marketing. The quality, safety, and effectiveness should match the EU standards and it is ok if more time is needed to check for the same, said Tiemo Wolken, a member of the EU legislature’s socialist grouping.