Even the Playdate Simulator can run on Steam Deck

Another reminder of how flexible Valve’s Steam Deck handheld gaming PC can be, an enterprising Redditor has run the Playdate Simulator on their Steam Deck, as shared on Twitter by Valve designer Lawrence Yang.

The Playdate, if you’re unfamiliar, is Panic’s little yellow handheld with a crank, but similar to the long reservation queue for the Steam Deck, Playdate preorders are backed up for months. If you pre-order Playdate now, it’s not expected to ship until now 2023. If you already own a Steam Deck and want to mess around with Playdate’s old-school vibes, it seems it’s possible to do that by installing the free Playdate Simulator.

You can see a video of the simulator running on Steam Deck in u/ncarson9’s Reddit post. They launch the simulator from the Steam Deck menus, navigate to a game, open it, and move through a game for a few seconds. Zelda– like forest and brandishing a small sword.

Like many things with the Steam Deck, it’s probably going to take some tinkering to get this setup. But it’s nice to see one of the coveted handhelds of 2022 running on another of the coveted handhelds of 2022, even in this limited way. Is this a handheld concept?

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