Everyone thinks Apple’s negotiations with the NFL are dragging on

While Apple is still the “front-runner” when it comes to securing the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket, the negotiations are taking an unexpectedly long time. This is according to a report by The athletic (through 9to5Mac), indicating that things have slowed down as Apple may want to score the rights to more than just the football games.

The rights to NFL Sunday Ticket — which DirecTV has owned for nearly three decades — expire after this football season. Amazon, YouTube and Disney are also said to have placed bids to secure the rights to the out-of-market games package, for which the NFL is reportedly seeking $3.5 billion.

But The athletic reports that Apple expected it to get the rights to aspects not specifically mentioned in its contract with the NFL. “You have to think about… the technology that has never been invented… ways people want to consume that have never been invented,” a person close to the NFL told me. The athletic.

There’s also the option to adopt streaming technology from the NFL. Last December, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Sports Business Journal that the NFL is “months, not days away” from selling a stake in NFL Media, which includes RedZone, the NFL website and NFL Network. At the time, Goodell seemed unsure about bundling Sunday Ticket with media asset sales.

“That’s the thing that’s probably going to affect the timing a little bit more,” Goodell told the SBJ. “There is so much interest, you have to figure out: do you want to include this in a relationship or do you want to exclude that and keep it here for another partner? I think that’s part of the problem we’re going through.” In a March report Sports front office indicated that Apple wants to package Sunday Ticket and an interest in NFL Media into a single billion-dollar deal.

As noted by The athletic, Apple might consider some of the limitations associated with NFL Sunday Ticket. First, Apple can’t stream the games internationally and doesn’t have access to in-market games, such as CBS and Fox. This is consistent with an October CNBC report indicating that Apple wants to “give consumers more than standard rights deals,” including the ability to offer “games globally or in local markets.”

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