Exclusive: this is the new budget soundbar from Sonos

Sonos is approaching the release of a new entry-level soundbar, and you’re looking at it. Codenamed “Fury” and officially known as Model S36, the new device is yet another soundbar that will join the company’s lineup under the $449 Beam and the $899 Arc flagship.

It appears that Sonos is no longer willing to cede the cheaper soundbar market to Vizio and other competitors, as I can reveal that the new product is expected to retail for around $249. That’s significantly less expensive than any Sonos soundbar to date. It’s currently slated for release, just a few weeks from now on June 7.

I’ve seen real photos of the new soundbar, and The edge used them to create the 3D renderings for this article. It’s not an exact match, but more than enough to give you the essentials. (You can trust me, I guess.) Like the Arc and Beam, Sonos’ budget soundbar will be offered in both black and white.

A digital recreation of the Sonos speaker
Here’s a 3D recreation of Sonos’ new soundbar, taking a closer look at its design. It definitely reduces the number of speakers compared to the Beam and Arc.

The device is even more compact than the Sonos Beam – no surprise since it contains significantly fewer drivers.

  • Sonos Model S36 “Fury”: 550mm (width) x 69mm (depth) x 100mm (height)
  • Sonos Beam (generation 2): 651mm (width) x 68.6mm (depth) x 100mm (height)

Unsurprisingly, at a lower price point, the new Sonos soundbar will omit certain features such as Dolby Atmos and lack built-in microphones for voice assistant functionality. Sonos positions this as a soundbar for TV and music, leaving the smarts to its more expensive siblings. Internal specs even suggest there isn’t even an HDMI port on this product (just an optical cable comes in the box). That limits the new soundbar to Dolby Digital surround sound. You can still expand it to a 5.1 system if you own other compatible Sonos speakers.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Sonos expects quite a few customers to use the new soundbar as paired surrounds for the high-end Sonos Arc. For that reason, the company created a wall mount that allows Fury – again, that’s just the code name and I’m not sure of the final branding – to mount vertically for Atmos content in addition to the standard horizontal orientation.

Sonos has not yet announced its upcoming soundbar. So while I’m happy to do this for them, I expect we’ll all be hearing more details (and a name) about the Model S36 and the company’s growing ambitions for home theater in the coming weeks. The edge has contacted the company for comment.

Other products in development at Sonos include a smaller, cheaper subwoofer (model S37) and the company’s long-rumored wireless headphones. The latter will introduce Sonos into a new product category for the first time since it expanded to portable speakers with the Move and Roam.

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