Expected Cost of Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine in India

The world is desperate for the arrival of the novel corona virus vaccine. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine by Oxford-AstraZeneca as the initial trails have been safe and effective. This is good news for the entire mankind. 

Things are moving at a fast pace in India as well as the renowned Serum Institute has already partnered with them for the production of corona virus vaccine in the country. It is expected that by August end the vaccine will go in trial phase and it will be known as Covishield in India.

Oxford-AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine is gaining momentum:

The initial trials have been positive. Adar Poonawalla is heading the Serum Institute of India and is making all the necessary preparations to ensure that the vaccine goes into the trial phase as soon as possible. 

According to him, 50 per cent of the doses of the vaccine manufactured by the firm will be exclusively for India. And the rest will be distributed to the world. He also highlighted that vaccines are a part of the immunization programmes initiated by a country’s government. It is estimated that the price of the vaccine will not be more than 1,000 INR.

The government is lending every possible support to the company as everyone wants the global pandemic to end as soon as possible and right now this vaccine seems to be the only ray of hope. Keeping our fingers crossed. 

Global crisis will end soon with the help of this vaccine. Entire world needs to be immunized against the novel corona virus, according to Poonawalla.