Experts Are Questioning AstraZeneca’s Vaccine data


The data released on Monday, by AstraZeneca about the vaccine for COVID-19 have many questions put by the experts from the US FDA and also by the US Centers for Disease Control.  

The pharmaceutical company had in a press release on Monday, announced that the vaccine is 70% effective on average. However, the company had not provided any data supporting the announcement.

Dr. Paul Offit, an FDA member said that in the absence of the data, it will be very hard to believe the significance of the findings by the company. He is a member of the committee formed which would permit to put the vaccines on market after reviewing the effectiveness and safety.

Earlier this month two other companies- ‘Pfizer’ and ‘Moderna’ had provided their efficiency result with their data supporting the claim. AstraZeneca has just presented an analysis of 23000 individuals in its phase III trial. Some participants received the vaccine and others received placebo injections- shots of saline.

An independent board of experts then determined the extent of protection the group received against the disease. The company had said that 131 people contracted the virus but failed to explain how many of them were given the vaccine and how many of them did not.