Tyler Rake

There is good news for the fans of the popular Netflix original film, Extraction. The movie was released on 24 April 24 2020. Since then fans have been in awe of this thrilling movie. The plot revolves around Tyler Rake, the courageous mercenary who is on a mission to save the son of a locked up crime lord. The film was critically acclaimed for fine performances and gripping story line. 

Power packed action:

“Wow” is the word for the cast performances. This is Sam Hargrave’s directorial debut and was written by Joe Russo penned it. The fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel of this blockbuster action movie. 

Great news!

Well, it is time to rejoice for Extraction admirers as the sequel is all set to roll after the grand success of the movie. Read on to find out more about Extraction 2. 

Look out for Extraction 2!

It was made clear by Netflix, soon after the release of the first part of the film that a sequel will come soon. The wait is not going to be all that long. All thanks to the huge fan following of Extraction, things have been rather smooth for the second part. You will be surprised to know that the first part was watched by more than 99 million people.

Extraction made history

The sequel is also being written by Joe Russo. It is also expected that Sam Hargrave will be returning for direction. Nothing much can be said at the moment though, as the detail is yet to come. 

Release Date of Extraction 2

Right now Extraction 2 is in the initial stages as the script is being penned down by 

Joe Russo. Sources reveal that the fans will have to keep their cool till 2022 to watch the second part of Extraction. So the wait is going to be pretty long. 

More Details on Extraction 2

We will get to Chris Hemsworth in the role of Tyler Rake. In spite of the dramatic ending of the first part, there are several ways in which the star can return. No plot details are out yet.

We have to wait and look out for more details in the coming future.