Face ID for iPhone works in landscape in iOS 16

There were a lot of exciting announcements coming out of WWDC, but one update that Apple didn’t mention on stage is that iOS 16 will bring support for using Face ID in landscape mode.

As noted on Apple’s iOS 16 preview page (thanks @ParkerOrtolani to mock), Apple says you’ll soon be able to unlock your iPhone, make payments, autofill your passwords, and more with Face ID when your phone is tilted horizontally. You can already use Face ID if your iPad is in landscape mode, so it’s too late to extend the feature to iPhones. When the feature is no longer available, you no longer have to make sure your phone is in portrait position to use Face ID, which can be a little annoying if you often turn your phone to the side.

Apple says the feature is only available on “supported iPhone models,” but doesn’t explicitly state which ones. The edge contacted Apple with a request for comment, but didn’t hear back immediately. This is just one of the many features coming with iOS 16 this fall, including customizable lock screens, the ability to edit iMessages, and updated notifications. Here are the full details.

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