Facebook changes News Feed after more than 15 years

Meta renames Facebook’s news feed, the main part of the service that users scroll through to see what their friends and family have shared. In the future, it will simply be called the “Feed”, according to a tweet from the company on Tuesday. The name “News Feed” has been around since the feature was first introduced over 15 years ago.

In some ways it’s a huge change – Facebook is one of the world’s most used platforms and the Feed is its main interface. On the other hand, it’s “just a name change to better reflect the diverse content people see on their feeds,” according to an email to The edge by Facebook spokesperson Dami Oyefeso. The change “does not have a broader impact on the app experience.”

There’s a lot in a name, though, and the rebranding seems to reflect Facebook’s messy relationship with spreading news. Research has shown that misinformation gets significantly more engagement on the platform than fact-based reporting, and regulators have been examining how major tech companies algorithmically rank content in their feeds. Meta, for its part, has said it is working to reduce the amount of political content that appears on people’s homepages — its own research suggested the news feed algorithm could even force politicians to take more extreme stances.

Information about politics and current events, rather than messages from your cousin about their involvement, are the kinds of things you’d expect to find in something called a “news feed.” Personally, that makes it hard not to read the name change as a subtle restatement of how seriously I should take the content the algorithm serves.

The name change may also help resolve potential confusion within the app. More than a decade and a half ago, when the news feed was introduced, Facebook also didn’t have a news tab for users to confuse it with. In a memo to employeesMeta said the name “News Feed” made people think it was a place for news stories rather than friends’ posts.

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