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Facebook Update: Limits Forwarding of Messages to only Five People or Groups


The forwarding limit to only five people or groups is brought in to reduce the spread of fake news and misinformation through the messaging platform. Once the message is forwarded to five people or groups, it shall notify the limit reached.

The Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety, Jay Sullivan, said that ‘forwarding limitations’ has proved to be the most effective way of slowing the spread of harmful and misleading content. Misinformation has resulted in a lot of negative impacts in the past. The change is being done in a phased manner right now, provided to all the users soon.

The forward limit feature had come just before the US and New Zealand elections to be held in the coming months. Its working is very similar to how there is a limit on forwarding messages in Whatsapp, which the company initiated in 2018.


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