Fairy-tale wedding for Kourtney Kardashian as she walks down the aisle wearing D &C gown

It was a jaw dropping wedding for the Hollywood star Kourtney Kardashian, as she exchanged vows for the third time with Travis Barker. Kourtney dressed in a short white lace dress, looked astonishing. 

kourtney s mother Kris Jenner,66  walked kourtney down the aisle as she carried a bouquet of roses with her .Kourntey appeared to be smiling as she was papped by the photographers.

Travis also wore a D&C ensemble and had held hands of kourtney through the ceremony .He was seen kneeling down on the chair as they exchanged wedding vows. The photos of their wedding were also shared by Travis’s 16 years old daughter Alabama on her instagram account.

The two were seen deeply in love with each other as this was their third wedding held in Italy amidst all their friends and relatives. The first wedding was held in a chapel but it was not legal .

The second one was a legal one and took place in Santa Barbara CA. this was a much intimate wedding which took place in a secluded place 

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