Famous YouTuber Corey La Barrie Died in a Car Accident

Corey La Barrie died

This year came out to be the worst year ever. A lot of unexpected things are happening in this year. We have already lost many people due to Covid19 pandemic and still the count of death has not stopped yet. Recently, a famous Youtuber, Corey La Barrie died in a car accident.

He was a well-liked influencer known for posting challenging and funny videos on YouTube and Instagram Corey’s mother and brother confirmed his death on their Instagram posts. He was a well-known YouTuber having more than 338,000 subscribers. He was also a part of a YouTube duo channel named Corey & Crawford had more than 104,000 subscribers.

According to the reports, after celebrating his 25th birthday on May 10th, he was hanging out with his friend and Ink Masters star, Daniel Silva, and on the same night, Corey was found dead in a car accident in Los Angeles. The crash was so fatal that the passenger Corey, couldn’t able to make it through and eventually he took his last breath on his 25th birthday.

A Spokesperson in LAPD confirmed the crash on Huston St. and Carpenter Ave. The famous Tattoo artist, Daniel Silva, has been arrested for murder and drunken driving. He is still being treated in the hospital. Corey’s 200000 followers on Instagram shows how popular he was on social media. His fellow YouTubers and subscribers are in grief after hearing the news of his death. 

Corey also had a part in the series named “The Reality House” which was directed by Kian Lawley and JC Caylen. Which competes with a $25,000 prize. Corey’s fellow, fans Friends, and YouTubers keep sharing posts and messages remembering him throughout social media. The cause of his death has been seen as a car accident around 9:20 P.M. Corey’s loss will be remembered. May his soul rest in peace.