Fans have already solved the Riddler’s code from the Batman trailer

Dark Knight of Robert Pattinson

The fans were finally treated with the first look of ‘The Batman’ during the DC Fandom. The teaser gave an introduction to the Dark Knight of Robert Pattinson who will be seen battling with the riddler, which is played by Paul Dano. 

The preview had opened with a scene where Gordon, Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner brings Batman to a peculiar murder case. The victim was found with a note, which was addressed to the vigilante. The card had a riddle on one side and the answer was written on the other side in a coded format. This was an obvious means of testing the vigilante’s intelligence.

But we guess, we did not need a Batman to solve the riddle, as many fans already cracked the Riddlier’s Code. The question asked was ‘What does a liar do when he is dead?’ As a revelation by a few people online, the answer would be ’He lies still’.

One of the Twitter users Andrew Lane was one of those who solved it showed his workings too on social media. And when people asked him about how he did that, he replied that he analyzed the coded symbols for the recurring ones. Later he used the substitution method which was based on the word ‘Batman’.

Written by Diksha

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