FBI has raided Jake Paul Home for doing an Investigation in a Mall Riot

FBI has raided Jake Paul Home for doing an Investigation in a Mall Riot

As per CBSLA and TMZ, there was a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the California home of Jake Paul, YouTube star. As per reports, there are many objects which are removed from the home of Paul by agents, which are like firearms. An investigation is done by the bureau, which is surrounding an incident that happened in May at Arizona mall based on the criminal acts’ allegations.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the second location was also raided for investigation. As per TMZ, this home is of Paul’s friend, Arman Izadi, who also had a connection with the incident in the mall. 

This incident, which happened in a mall, was called a riot by the Police in Scottsdale, Arizona. The FBI took over an investigation for the event that occurred at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. In June, Scottsdale police had filed a case for alleged involvement offense against Jake Paul. Arman Izadi and Andrew Leon also had charges for offense. 

FBI has raided Jake Paul Home for doing an Investigation in a Mall Riot
Image Credits- GQ

Now, these offense charges are being dismissed by the local police. The police department has coordinated with the FBI to ensure justice is given and told that these charges are dropped so that a federal criminal investigation could be completed. 

The FBI spokesperson confirmed that federal search warrants had been executed at Las Vegas and California, which is related to the investigation. In the FBI office, Los Angeles spokesperson has refused to comment for the evidence or any recovery done in a raid at California, saying that under seal, there will be a warrant and also refused to say when the seal will get lifted. As told by Verge, there will be no arrest that needs to be made or planned in Los Angeles. 

The Paul’s house is also the Team 10 home base; the YouTube Collective, as well as other members, live infrequently and work from his house. Still, there is no comment by Paul on the search. There was an email by the verge where all the listed address of business has been requested with comments. But the mail got bounced back, stating the error that does not found an error or received any e-mail.

As per Schonfeld, when they were searching at home, Paul was not there. 

Calabasas, California, was criticized by the Paul for where he lives, during the pandemic had thrown large parties in the pandemic. The mayor said that fine would be issued if anyone is not wearing a mask outside the home. 

Written by Neha Garg