Fearsome disease from Coronavirus – Kawasaki Disease

In the initial stage with virus infection, COVID -19 persons are facing the issue of loss of smell as well as taste. After that comes peculiar rashes and chilblains or pernio which are the other names of COVID toes. Presently children are facing the Kawasaki disease illness with unusual syndrome. In this, it is thought that rashes are due to inflammation in a blood vessel or vasculitis.  

There has been a mystery, why children are not getting seriously affected as adults are getting affected by COVID 2 virus. Only 2 percent of the cases come with the age group below 20 years. In this most of the kids are having an illness which is very mild and only a few had died.

 There are no fixed findings, which causes this Kawasaki. Whether it is from any viral infection or blood vessel inflammation. In this one can have symptoms like fever, rashes, in the neck having swollen lymph nodes, conjunctivitis, and swollen extremities. There are some of the children who get the problem of arthritis.  The worst complication is having the problem of heart like that of cardiac blood vessels. These symptoms do not occur at one time or some of them occur which makes it difficult to diagnose.

 These rare symptoms had reported last months in some of the places such as France, Spain, the UK, and Italy. While in Bergamo which lies in the Northern part of Italy had reported around 20 cases in the last month, while earlier these many cases come in around 3 years.


Many kids had who had complained that they are having pain in the abdomen as well as having heart symptoms. They have signs of inflammation and requiring ICU treatment. To pediatricians of the UK, a warning has been sent by the National Health services, if a child is having abdominal pain, fever and showing signs of inflammation then heart disease should also be checked along with it.

It could be the possibility that a test may not be accurate for the COVID cases as done on children. So, might be there is a possibility that due to inflammation reaction Kawasaki could have occurred at a later stage. These serious reactions to inflammation could have occurred due to COVID complications or by a reaction of drugs such as an immunosuppressant drug and tocilizumab.

It is better to prevent the complication of cardiac due to Kawasaki as patients got treated with aspirin and immunoglobulin. With this treatment, the effect of heart disease could be reduced by about 25 percent.

The cases have been reported from New York also between April 17 to May 1. The children are critical, they required ventilation as well as BP support. From Boston and Philadelphia also, cases have been reported.