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Final moments of George Floyd’s in bodycam footage shows has been leaked

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It was the first time when video camera show has the deadly encounter as per the officer’s perspective with George Floyd. He had begged for help, and for serval minutes, he has been calling her mother. 

Thomas Lane, a former officer in one video, has been confronting him and taking him out of SUV aiming gun at his direction. In the later footage, as officers are taking Floyd to the squad car, he drops to the ground. 

One officer said stop don’t fall down, and in its response, Floyd said “I am claustrophobic”. 

The other video, whose camera was being worn by Alexander Kueng, former rookie officer where it was shown that Floyd was resisting officers’ attempt to put into a squad car and asked instead to put him in the front of a car. 

Floyd, in the video, saying that he could not breathe. To which an officer responded that relax that he could able to breathe fine as he is talking fine. For which he insists that I cannot breathe. Watch the leaked video below-

Video Credits- CBS Evening News

An investigation on bodycam video leak has been started. Till now, the viewing right was there in person, and some of the transcripts of body camera has also been released.  

The body camera video of Derek Chauvin had not been released untill now. 

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