Finally, it is Gone- Frank Rizzo Statue in Philadelphia Removed by Mayor Jim Kenny

Finally, it is Gone- Frank Rizzo Statue in Philadelphia Removed by Mayor

On Wednesday morning statue of former Mayor in Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo by the worker from City Hall. This way the protester had attempted to show demonstration contradiction to police brutality. In 1970 he had told voters of Philadelphia to vote for white.

Rizzo was also a commissioner of police and his statue was a symbol of how white police officers had treated black people as well as other minorities.

On Wednesday, Mayor Jim Kenney had posted the empty place where the statue stood and posted that this statue for many people represents a symbol of oppression, hatred, and bigotry.

During the recent deaths which had taken of black people as in Louisville of Breonna Taylor, Minneapolis of George Floyd, and many others this point is of protest in Philadelphia. On weekend the protester had using ropes take it down, spoiled its paint, and set it on fire. With the demonstrations happening recently that has prompted to implement plans of 2017 for removing the statue.

In 1991, Rizzo had died, but in Philadelphia, he has emerged as large as due to violence he had used in the civil rights era both during and after it.  In 1967 when he became the police commissioner there are many students of high school who were doing a demonstration at the Board of education. There some heard that Rizzo said to get black asses of them.

As per native of Philadelphia, NPR’s Gene Demby had written for Rizzo

After the commissioner, he boosted to mayor’s office where he said that he will get harder than Attila the Hun. His tenure as mayor in Philadelphia’s is from 1972 to 1980, a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Justice Department for a police department of a city, saying officers are using an excess of force.