Five countries where COVID-19 cases are dipping and the reasons why

According to, there is a decrease in the caseload of coronavirus, in five countries out of the 20 most-affected countries in the world. They include the US, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. These countries especially the US and Russia had reported the worst of outbreaks during July. But now they have witnessed a significant decrease in the infection and death curve. 

Experts have cautioned that it may also happen due to a drop in the testing being done. Also, it is to be noted that where ever there has been a decrease in the case per million, there were mandatory masks use. And whenever there was a spike in the cases there was shutting down of the gyms, bars, and theatres.

Though there has been a dip in cases in recent weeks, the seven-day average for daily deaths has risen to more than 1000 for continuous 24 days till August 19, which was below 1000 otherwise.

Written by Stephen D