Florian Schneider: Kraftwerk Co-Founder, Died at Age 73

Florian Schneider

An artist and co-founder of German Band Kraftwerk Florian Schneider died at the age of 73. In a statement, Kraftwerk’s other co-founder Ralf Hütter confirms that “his very dear friend and companion for years Florian Schneider has passed away just after his 73rd birthday from short cancer disease.”

Hütter and Schneider formed the influential group and multimedia project in the early 1970s named Kraftwerk. In the band, they always use home-made or customized instruments and have made a top place in electronic music. They have influenced many other genres of music like Hip-hop, Synthpop and Rock.  

Florian Schneider was a successful musician and Influencer

The late artist David Bowie also recognized Schneider’s influence on his musical pieces. The Iconic artist of Album Heroes 1977- Bowie named his instrumental piece after “V-2 Schneider” from love. Schneider –the greatest musician of all time played many instruments in his lifetime including synthesizer, vocoder, flute. And also he lent his voice to many songs.  

A shock came in 2008 when he left the band and was not part of it for four years. During his time, Kraftwerk released 10 studio albums, seven out of which charted the Billboard 200, including 1974’s acclaimed Autobahn, which glorified the No. 5 spot. Also, Kraftwerk’s title track which was inspired by the German highway system got No. 25 spot in 1975 on the Billboard 100. Transportation & technology- a theme really special to this band for which they worked relentlessly, a track called “Trans-Europe Express” also reached spot No.67 in 1978.

Since their inception, they have collectively sold over 733,000 copies. They had also won in the Grammy’s in 2017 under best for 3-D The Catalogue and were bestowed with the lifetime achievement award back in 2014.

The influential band got nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame six times, yet have to be abducted.

To celebrate the group’s 50th anniversary they had announces a summer tour of North America. The shows had to feature 3-D visuals, melding music and robotics for which the band got accolades. Finally, the tour got canceled due to ongoing Coronavirus.