One of the best player of World of Warcraft and Twitch Streamer, Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein committed suicide at the age of 31

As per the ex-girlfriend, roommate, and others of Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein who was from the gaming community had committed suicide and got dead at the age of 31. He had been one of the top players around the world for a time being for World of Warcraft and Twitch streamer. The best of his achievement with the game World of Warcraft was that he had been on number one position for 6 consecutive seasons, and had achieved many tournaments and events regarding that game.

Reckful has made himself so equipped that was being followed by many for Twitch which is watched by approximately more than 40 thousand viewers. He has been playing games other than World of Warcraft is Asheron’s Call to Hearthstone. He had been working as a developer for a new game with name as Everland which will arrive this year.

On social media, there are supporting words being given to his family. On Twitter the post done by Reckful is distressing but no one had expected that this could happen and with loss gaming community is brokenhearted.

Behind him, he had left a huge gaming online community as well as his loved ones.