Get To Know The Reason Why Michelle Duggar Cropped Daughter Jill From A Family Photo

Daughter Jill

Fans generally tend to notice every small change about the celebs. They do not miss out even the small details pertaining to the pictures of their favorite actors. Any cropped image doesn’t go unnoticed and fans wish to know it all. Read the write up to know why Daughter Jill was Cropped by Michelle Duggar From A Family Photo. 

Fans were able figure out immediately that Daughter Jill was cropped from the family photo. People wish to know more about it for sure. 

Baby shower of Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth

In one of the photos, Jill was standing at the back, right next to her mother. Fans could make out immediately that the picture was cropped. They could see the shoes of Jill in the film, at the lower corner.

Just a few weeks back, all of them were celebrating the baby shower of Austin and Joy’s baby. Some pictures were shared by Michele on the social media account with the subtitle,’ We are rejoicing in God’s gift of this little girl that He has graciously given their family. We can’t wait to meet her soon!!” 

Image Source : youtube

One of the followers commented on this picture and asked about Jill. To this Duggar responded that some of the faces were not fitting well in this square picture. In order to accommodate more grandkids, the changes had to be made. FAIR ENOUGH!

Many of Michelle’s followers noticed that Jill has been cropped from the image. And this is how all the questions about her started off. It is tough to hide things from fans, after all. Fans have associated several factors with the photograph. Some believe that Jill’s outfit was really heavy. It was occupying too much space and due to this reason, she had to be cropped.