GM creates an online marketplace for used cars called CarBravo

The used car market is red hot and it looks like General Motors is looking to compete squarely with used car sites like Carvana with a new website called CarBravo. GM is now beginning to enroll dealers to be part of the site, which will launch in “Spring 2022,” according to a press release.

Not only will CarBravo let buyers look at inventory from both dealers and GM’s central inventory of used vehicles, but it will also let people shop for non-GM used vehicles, said Steve Carlisle, GM’s EVP and president of GM North America, in a statement. statement . That could help it better address Carvana (which just announced it has sold a million cars) and other sites, like CarMax and Vroom, where people can shop from many different car brands.

The rise of direct-to-consumer brands like Tesla and Lucid has undermined the more traditional dealer/franchise system, so CarBravo could be a way for GM to dip its toes into that direct-to-consumer strategy. But the company has failed at betting like its Maven car-sharing service, and we’ll have to wait and see if CarBravo can break through against some of the more well-known online used car destinations.

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