Go read this story about the man behind RadioShack’s sex-crazy new Twitter strategy

There are no good, practical, rational reasons to care about RadioShack anymore. So what do you do when your once venerable electronics store goes the way of Blockbuster, Sears and the local mall? You seem to be getting super horny on the internet.

Input today has a really good, really fun story about RadioShack’s ever-unhinged and sex-hungry Twitter account, and the marketing executive who runs it. “You have to make a real impression to really become known to young people,” said RadioShack Chief Marketing Officer Ábel Czupor. Input† (Czupor didn’t share his age, but looks much younger in photos than the average person who uses words like “youth.”) Czupor says there’s a team of people thinking about RadioShack’s marketing and social strategies, but getting nowhere it on Twitter without his involvement.

In addition to tweeting things like “due to inflation, 6 inches is now 9 inches” and “Just took an upper deck in @Applebees amaThe company has also gone big in cryptocurrency and NFTs and has done everything in its power to take advantage of this extreme online moment we are in. RadioShack would have made an excellent meme stock, had it not been declared bankrupt and then bought by the same investor trying to revive Dressbarn.

It seems a little odd to see a brand go the shitposter route, but hey, it’s worked pretty well for Elon Musk, so why not give it a try? It also seems to work, at least in terms of follower count: Czupor said RadioShack’s tweets have racked up more than 100 million impressions in just a few days, and according to Social Blade, Twitter following has nearly dropped in the past two weeks. doubled. On June 30 alone, the day after the infamous “If you find a squirter, marry hertweet, the account gained 114,000 new followers. (That tweet also apparently got Czupor kicked out of RadioShack’s Twitter account for a while.) Shitposting works!

The story delves into the method behind @RadioShack’s madness, and Czupor claims that all this social wildness is making people care about the brand again. However, it doesn’t seem to have helped the price of $RADIO.

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