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Gold Mining In Space? NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft to Study Asteroid Worth $10000 Quadrillion

NASA is on the latest mission called ‘Psyche’. It is created to study a metal-rock asteroid named ‘16 Psyche’. The asteroid has recently gone through the significant design phase. Experts claim that it is made up entirely of precious metals like iron and nickel and that the core of the asteroid is solid gold. The estimated value runs to $10000 Quadrillion.

The asteroid is spread in the asteroid bed in the solar system between Mars and Jupiter. The 226 km-wide asteroids have become a subject of interest for the scientists because of the potential riches to be found on it can beat the whole world’s global economy.

Also, the exploration of the asteroid’s core will help scientists to better understand the details behind the formation of all the planets in the solar system. And to achieve the desired goal ‘Psyche Spacecraft’ is designed which will gather information on the magnetic field of the asteroid. It will also capture images of the topography and composition of the same.

If all goes well as planned, then NASA along with Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be ready for this extravagant voyage to the asteroid by 2022.

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