Google Fi lowers unlimited plan prices and increases high-speed data

Google Fi is slashing prices for its two unlimited cellular plans, in addition to adding more high-speed data (via 9to5Google† The Simply Unlimited plan has dropped from $60/month to $50/month for one line, while the full Unlimited Plus plan now costs $65/month for one line, compared to the previous price of $70/month. This is the first price reduction for the Unlimited Plus and Simply Unlimited plans since their debut in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

The cheaper cost comes with more fast data on both plans, increasing from 22 GB to 50 GB with the Unlimited Plus plan and from 22 GB to 35 GB with Simply Unlimited. As mentioned on the MVNO’s updated subscriptions page, Google Fi says it will limit your data after you exceed either limit. And if you want to use your phone or laptop as a mobile hotspot, Google is adding 5GB of hotspot tethering to its Simply Unlimited plan, a feature previously only available with Unlimited Plus.

Both plans now include unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico. Before the update you could only call for free until Canada or Mexico, not when traveling in either country. Google Fi’s flexible pay-as-you-go plan also gets free calls to both countries, with no changes to the price of $20 per month for one line and $10/GB usage fee.

While both plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and data, the Simply Unlimited plan has a few limitations compared to the Unlimited Plus plan, such as limited hotspot data usage, the inability to share data with other devices such as tablets, as well as less supported destinations for free calls, texts and data.

However, the lower price, along with the addition of hotspot tethering, could make it a more serious competitor when it comes to unlimited budget plans. In comparison, Visible by Verizon offers unlimited data for $40/month for one line, Verizon’s basic unlimited plan starts at $70/month (with paperless billing and automatic payment), AT&T’s most affordable unlimited plan costs $65/month (with auto pay and paperless billing), while T-Mobile’s Essentials plan will run you $60 per month (with automatic payment).

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