Google Maps now estimates the toll costs for your trip

A new Google Maps feature that estimates how much toll you’ll have to pay to drive a particular route has begun to appear in its Android and iOS apps, according to Google. android police reports that they see the new toll prices in the app, although they are not yet visible on a few devices we tried along the same route. The toll feature was first announced by Google in April.

Google says the toll prices shown are based on “reliable information from local toll authorities” and take into account toll passes and the time of day when calculating the total cost. There is also still a switch to avoid tolls when calculating routes. Google Maps could previously warn you when a total toll must be paid on a trip, but was unable to calculate what that toll could be.

According to Google, the feature is available for “nearly 2000” toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia for its iOS and Android apps. It says it plans to add support in more countries “soon”.

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