Google Maps will now Inform Users about COVID-19 Affected Areas

google maps

A new feature is added to the Google maps, where it will show the COVID hit areas and help the users to decide whether or not to take that route. It is the employment of a critical tool that will be of great use in times of pandemic to avoid getting into areas that have active coronavirus cases.

Google has said that this feature will get activated for all the Android and iOS users this week. In a situation where the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, this new feature can at least help the users provide information about the cases in a particular area.

In a blog, Sujoy Banerjee, the Product Manager, Google Maps, said that the company would introduce the COVID layer in Maps, which shall provide critical information to help the users decide where to go and where not to and what to do.

The data will be derived from authoritative sources like Wikipedia, New York Times, who get their data organizations like the WHO, Govt Health Ministries, which have the state and local health agencies and hospitals.