Google says it will pull its search engine from Australia if it is forced to pay news publishers to host their content

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has pushed back against a threat by Google, which has said that it would stop its search engine from being available in the country, if it is forced to pay news outlets for showing links to their websites and stories, under a new media code.

The PM said that the parliament shall decide what rules businesses shall follow in Australia and that only those who can follow the rules set by the Government of Australia are welcome in the country. And that they are no scared of threats.

When Google had insisted in a Parliamentary inquiry, that it would stop making its search engine available in Australia, if the Central Government will proceed with the planned digital media code, the PM had commented on the threat.

The code requires the digital giants like Facebook and Google to pay the local media companies to provide their content in the search and share their content on social media. The MD of Google Australia and New Zealand, Mel Silva told that the proposed scheme was unworkable and untenable for them.

She said that if the version of the code was going to be the law, then they will be forced to stop working in Australia. She also added that Google would want to come out with a solution, which will be beneficial for all the parties involved.

Ms. Silva said that Google was ready to strike deals with the new publishers, for directing the users to the content searched and has made similar arrangements all over the world. The workable situation is that Google would pay the publishers for the value they would create and curate the content and panels which would exist across the many Google services.

There have been around 450 deals made around the globe so far, she said.

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