Google’s April Android 12 update is rolling out for Pixel phones

It’s only been a few weeks since Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices started receiving Google’s March Pixel drop of new features, improvements, and fixes, and now the company has started rolling out an April update ( through 9to5Google

According to Google, updates to wireless charging and camera fixes for the Pixel 6 lineup should improve performance with certain (unspecified) accessories and squash bugs that can cause zooming in the front-facing camera preview or a green screen in the back with certain apps. camera preview can appear .

Tweaks applicable to all phones receiving the update (from the Pixel 3a to all devices released more recently) may fix issues with live wallpapers, crashes while using Picture-in-Picture, and an issue that affected the notification shade and Quick institutions. An accompanying security bulletin also describes several security vulnerabilities that are fixed by this latest update and for other Android devices with a security patch level of April 5 or later.

There is no fix or change for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners who don’t appreciate the attenuated haptic vibration effect that arrived for many devices with the March update. Even as reports on Reddit and the owners forum pile up, Google hasn’t responded to my questions about that issue. But on March 25th Review Geek reported that it had received a statement from Google saying: “This was an update intended to take advantage of the more advanced Pixel 6 haptics capabilities, but we understand it may not be an optimal experience for all users. We are trying in the continue to provide a better long-term solution in the future and plan to address that feedback in an upcoming update.”

If you don’t already have the update on your Pixel device, it’s because Google will roll out it in phases over the next week, depending on carrier and device. Users will be notified as soon as the OTA becomes available for their device.” If you can’t wait, Google has provided OTA and factory images of the latest update, which you can install using the Android Flash Tool by following our instructions here. Whether or not you want to do that may depend on your risk appetite — the Android 12 update experience has been a rocky one so far.

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