GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski ‘Struggling’ With Whether to Vote for Trump or not

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski ‘Struggling’ With Whether to Vote for Trump or not

USA present President Donald Trump has been in several angry speeches from Republicans which is an acute problem for him. He also struggled to give a response to George Floyd’s death, was also known as a gentle giant (an African American man) who was killed due to the brutality of the police in Los Angeles. Now Trump needs a complete unity in Republicans to win the elections.

Lisa Murkowski a Republican, has told about Trump that she is struggling whether to give a vote to Trump to win reelection in November. She continued by saying that she has struggled a lot for a long time. She said this when she was asked by a reporter about reelecting Donald Trump.

Gen. Mattis Op-ed also previously said that Trump is trying to divide us all. Matti was praised by Lisa. Lisa also said that we all are getting to a point where we all are honest with the concern and would have the courage to speak up, she said this by reading the comment of Mattis yesterday.

Trump said He will Campaign agianst Lisa Murkowski

However, Lisa formally said that she will continue to work with Trump as he is duly elected president of the USA. Lisa concluded that she is not sure if she will vote or not. On Thursday evening Trump responded badly by tweeting that he will campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and the same people know where they will be in the next two years. Trump also said that he will openly support any candidate who will work against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

According to me, Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s words were not strong enough for a rebuke. CNN commentator Keith Boykin tweeted that Lisa is still confused about whether to vote for Trump or not. According to him, Republicans are cowards.