Greenland’s Ice Sheet has Melted to a Point of No Return, according to a New Study


According to a study by the researchers at Ohio State University, any amount of effort to slow down global warming will now not stop the ice sheet that melted from Greenland to disintegrate. The ice is got into a new dynamic state which will be losing mass quickly.

The biggest contributor to the rise in the global sea level:

Near about 280 billion metric tons of ice is dumped into the ocean each year by Greenland, according to Michalea King, who is the leading author at the university. She said that the loss of have been so vast in the recent last years that it has caused a notable change in the gravitational field of Greenland.

Dangerous for the future:

She also stressed that this rate will lead to the wiping of the coastal properties and beaches may vanish by the end of the century. This is particularly vulnerable to coastal states like Florida and other low-lying island nations. The major concern is for forty percent of the US population that resides in the coastal areas.

Written by Diksha

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