H-1B Visa suspension by the US brings manifold benefits for India

H-1B Visa suspension by the US brings manifold benefits for India

It has been announced by the US that people who are entering with the US between June 24 to December 31 with visas such as H-1B, H-2B, L-1A, L-1B, J-1 will not be allowed to enter now. This suspension will not effect those who are already there in the US as per the sources. The government of Donald Trump will not be allowing new workers until the end of this year to enter the US.

This will not be having any impact on the H-1B visa holders currently residing there. There will be a shortage of skilled workforce and Indians who are holding an H-1B visa can have higher remittances as well as remuneration.

As per the studies of a different organization such as Brookings Foundation, Federal Reserve, and National Academy of Sciences, the contribution in the US is not much of non-immigrants.

As per the sources due to pandemic coronavirus, there will be weaker economic conditions as well as more unemployment due to which they are issuing less of visas so that there is less of effect.  More of the services will be getting diverted towards India as there will be new policies with new challenges and the absence of talent at the local level will make outsourcing to be unavoidable.

There will be benefits for India as well for retaining these highly skilled individuals who will be receiving an H-1B visa and are planning to go to the US. Most of these people are in demand at science as well as technology sectors of India. By being in India they can contribute to the growth of India.

Written by Neha Garg