Hackers claim that they can Jailbreak Macs, MacBooks with Apple’s T2 Security Chip


Many jailbreaking experts and Apple’s top security have teed and confirmed what security researchers have claimed about jailbreaking Macs and Macbooks, which comes with Apple’s latest T2 security chips. The process is a bit complex and includes combining two exploits, which were basically made to jailbreak iPhones.

The technique of combining the two exploits is being mentioned on Twitter and Reddit in the last few weeks, as per the reports. If the exploits are used right, it will give the full control over the devices. The hackers can even modify core OS behavior and retrieve sensitive information or encrypted data or even plant malware.

The two exploits- Checkm8 and Blackbird were designed previously to jailbreak iOS devices. According to a post from the Belgian Security, this jailbreaking involves connection to a Mac or MacBook with the help of a USB-C and the running version of the Checkra1n software during the boot-up process of the devices.