Hannah Brown make declaration the N-word, apologizes after backlash

Hannah Brown has been cast as America’s sweetheart albeit in reality TV-style but the Alabama inhabitant appearance was damage this weekend after she shoots herself saying the N-word The “Bachelorette” star, 25, faced response on social media after she posted an Instagram Live video of herself on Saturday, singing the lines to DaBaby’s Rock star.” In the video, Brown arrive afraid when she gets to the genetic accusation, but sings it anyway

After some of her 2.8 million followers seemingly watching live on Instagram assert insult in the comments, Brown answers in a puzzled and cackle away, saying she didn’t understand she was saying that word. “I did? Brown said I’m so sorry with happy expression widely into the camera. “I was singing this … Um, anyway (Patrick is the name of Brown’s brother.) A woman in the background can be caught saying, “That wasn’t you. … I don’t think that you said that. The video has been eliminated from Brown’s Instagram, but its debris on social media, catch by the public who took Brown to task for her carelessness and the cackle nature of her initial atonement

On Sunday, Brown put another confession (text only) on Instagram Stories, saying, “I owe you all extensive apology. There is no justification and I will not confirm what I said. I have viewed your messages and seen the ache I have created. I control it all. I am badly apologetic and know that whether in public or private, this wording is distasteful.

I promise to do improve.” Annoyance continues to erupt Sunday on social media, as “Bachelorette” fans and others blast Blow for her activity. Some have said Brown come drunk in the video, but aren’t giving her a canyon because of it