Harley- Davidson May Exit India

Harley- Davidson

The reason behind it is cited as the weak sales and lack of visible future, according to industry experts. It is barely a decade, Harley- Davidson Inc. entered India, and the brand is thinking to wind down its assembly operations there. The bike company had sold only 2500 units in the last year as per the reports and only nearly 100 bikes between April 2020 and June 2020. Such sales figures have made India the worst-performing market for the company, internationally.

The company previously had a plan of tapping the middle-class income group, by introducing a 250 cc- 500 cc bike within 2 years in India and spread its popularity among common Indians too. But the decline in sales has made the situation drastically opposite where the company is planning for a complete exit from the country.

To offload the inventory unsold, heavy discount ranges from Rs.65000-Rs.77000 were announced on two of its models. When contacted to speak about the company exiting India, an external spokesperson said that the company had declined to comment on the immediate plans about the same.

Written by Stephen D