Harry Potter Fans Are Celebrating His 40th Birthday

It is time to rejoice as two days ago was the birthday of much loved Harry Potter. According to J.K. Rowling, the writer, the Boy Who Lived was born on 31st July, 1980. In case Harry was for real, he would have turned forty two days back. He is a fictional character, but this doesn’t make him any less real as the fan following is enormous. Fans have practically put life in this character of Harry Potter. 

Several fans wished him on Twitter. And this is how the anniversary of their beloved wizard was marked. Time flies and the 40th birthday of this legendary character prove that. 

Image Source : Report Door

Harry’s birthday surely plays a predominantly significant role in films as well as books. The story’s structure is heavily serialized and every installment begins approximately in the same manner.

The age of the popular wizard is important as it has an integral role to play in the J.K. Rowling’s extra expansions of the Wizarding World. It has not been mentioned in any of the books, but the writer has actually come up with a world that is also maintained in real-time. So it is not very difficult to find out what Harry and his friends are upto right now with the help of the database. For instance, Harry himself, at present works as the Ministry’s Head Auror.

The real story of Harry Potter came to an end when he completes the magical high school. But the character has not really gone. Such is the aura of HARRY POTTER.