Have you Watched the Action Movie Dominating Netflix Recently?

Rogue Warfare

Netflix has turned out to be a savior for almost everyone during the times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On a daily basis, one totally different or random elapsed title keeps popping up on the Top 10 charts. And all of a sudden it becomes very popular among the fans. And this is what happened yesterday also with action film Rogue Warfare: The Hunt. It has turned out to be the fourth most-watched movie on Netflix. It is good news!

But how come this not so popular flick became an instant hit? Read on to find out more. 

Image Source: Comingsoon.com

The Hunt is a follow-up to Rogue Warfare of 2019 and revolves around a privileged team of soldiers. The leader has been captured by the terrorists. So it is upto the soldiers to look for him and rescue him. The plot is generic and nothing huge was expected out of this movie. 

Interestingly it is actually a part of a trilogy. You can also check out Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation which is not on Netflix as of now. 

August is full of so many new entries on Netflix. If you are looking for something interesting to watch tonight, then you can surely give this one a shot and you will not be disappointed. The storyline is gripping and thrilling. At least you will be getting to know what all the fuss about “The Hunt” is. So stop wasting your time on any other boring series and watch this one know why people are going crazy about this one.