HBO and HBO Max added 13 million subscribers last year as Netflix growth slowed

Earlier this week, Netflix reported quarterly results showing that subscriber numbers fell for the first time in a decade, but not every streamer is experiencing that kind of drop. While AT&T has brought HBO and the rest of WarnerMedia to their new home with Discovery, Thursday morning it had one more set of subscriber numbers to reveal with its own earnings report.

The numbers show that last year HBO added nearly 13 million subscribers for both traditional HBO and HBO Max, including a growth of three million in the last quarter. Now, both services together have 76.8 million subscribers worldwide, still dwarfed by Netflix’s 221.64 million subscribers and even the most recent Disney Plus tally of 129.8 million. As we noted in January, HBO Max is doing a great job… according to HBO Max.

AT&T Q1 2022 Report:

At the end of the quarter, there were 76.8 million HBO Max and HBO subscribers worldwide. Global HBO Max and HBO subscribers grew 12.8 million year over year and 3.0 million sequentially, primarily due to both international and domestic retail subscribers reflecting the power of programming. At the end of the quarter, there were 48.6 million domestic HBO Max and HBO subscribers, compared to 44.2 million in the same quarter last year, an increase of 4.4 million year over year.

We’ve come to the end of HBO Max’s strategy of day-and-date movie premieres that ran through calendar year 2021, but it still has a pretty strong library of content, including new hits and options from the Warner Bros. catalog. . Also, unlike Netflix, HBO still has some new areas where it’s expanding, so it might be a while before they run into the problem of running out of new customers.

AT&T CEO John Stankey is no longer in charge of HBO, but he did make a comment about password sharing, which identified Netflix as a problem that was blocking its growth. if Deadline Quoting him from the conversation with investors, Stanke said: “We’ve thought about how we built the product and that we’ve given customers enough flexibility, but we don’t want to see rampant abuse.” To learn more about the future of HBO Max (and the sudden death of CNN Plus), we’ll wait until next week, when Warner Bros. Discovery holds its first profit call.

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