Heartfelt Speech by Star Wars actor, John Boyega after George Floyd death

The world is facing a double crisis right now, of both injustice and health. “Black lives matter” and this is being emphasized upon by several celebrities as well. Racial discrimination is one of the worst forms of violence. As human beings, we need to show solidarity and respect for all other forms of life. 

The world renowned Star Wars actor, John Boyega, has shown uncertainty in terms of getting work in Hollywood after he made a statement in reference to the ongoing protest in London and the US. According to him, the world needs to put an end of apathy towards racism.

Put an end to racism: 

In support of his heartfelt speech, he has been assured by Olivia Wilde, Jordan Peele, and Charlie Brooker said that John Boyega will surely continue shining bright in terms of his career endeavors. 

The much debated death of George Floyd has raised serious concerns across the globe. The speech made by John Boyega has thrown light upon similar issues in the law enforcing agencies, even in the U.K. His take on the grave matter has been critically acclaimed by many and stirred several conspiracies. 

Tweets by the celebs:

The much highlighted speech by the actor has received support from many in the film fraternity and celebs have expressed their desire to work with the actor. This has stirred a new wave of awakening which is the need of the hour.

Even dignitaries like Matthew A. Cherry have expressed their desire to work with John Boyega, through their tweets. 

The fact that we are still debating over matters like racism emphasize the fact that it still exists and is deep rooted. John Boyega’s firm stand on racism and the tremendous support he has received is commendable.

 Let us hope for the world to be a better place for all of us. 

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