Helsinki Airport Uses Sniffer Dogs to Detect COVID-19

dogs at airport

The Finnish airport has four sniffer dogs on trial who are said to sniff out the virus presence in as less as ten seconds, while the entire process of detecting a COVID patient could be finished in less than a minute. 

The process would require all the international flyers to swab their skin with the help of a wipe. The wipe will then be kept in a beaker, which will be in a separate booth that contains different ‘control’ scents. After this, the sniffer dog will be asked to sniff the beakers. If the dog barks, or paws, or lies down next to the beaker, it will be taken as a sign of virus detection, and the traveler will have to go through the PCR test, with the nasal swab to confirm the case.

During the preliminary tests in the University, these dogs gave 100% accuracy in detecting the virus, and in few cases, the dogs helped in detection much before the patients showed any symptom. This way, the sniffer dogs can be used in hospitals, sporting, cultural events, and even care homes and provides the medical workers with the necessary help.

Written by Diksha

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