Henry Cavill Celebrates Enola Holmes’ Impressive Netflix Debut


Many actors have played the iconic character of Sherlocks on-screen and brought the hero to life. Many actors previously have put their stamp on the role, and Henry Cavill is the newest addition to do so, in Netflix’s smash hit ‘Enola Holmes.’

Cavill is pleased with the amount of love and success the movie has garnered and took to his Instagram account and shared a swift tiny promo that will boast some of the film’s many achievements. The movie has broken all the records and holds on impressive spots on the Top 10 most-watched chart.

Following the movie’s success, Netflix has already decided to develop a sequel or a possible spinoff for the actor. He was one of the most popular reasons for the success of the movie. The future is very bright for the actor, and the fans can’t wait to see what the streaming platform will bring them next from the franchise.