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Herman Cain is Tweeting from heaven to attack Harris and Biden

Herman Cain is Tweeting from heaven to attack Harris and Biden

The former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has died in July from coronavirus. Still, his Twitter account has issued two posthumous attacks on Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala harris on Wednesday and Thursday. It seems that Cain’s family is using his platform for sharing the ideas and information in which he believed.

Key Facts

An attack was Tweeted from Cain’s account on Biden and Harris, suggesting that Biden’s campaign is entirely crazy, and it was before their first joint appearance on Wednesday.

Till Thursday morning, the Tweet was there, which means that more and more people were seeing, liking, sharing, and commenting on it, which indicates that people have disliked the content very much.

Again on Thursday morning, a tweet was posted by Cain’s Twitter account and shared the article in which Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was attacked, who is one of women politicians who was considered as his running mate by Biden.

Herman cain is tweeting from heaven to attack harris and biden
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After the death of Cain on July 30th, a statement was issued by his family saying that they will continue using his website and social media platforms for promoting his moderate politics, but with a new name, The Cain Gang.

Till the Thursday morning, Cain’s account and website were not switched over to The Cain Gang appellation.

Harris was announced as the running mate of Biden for VP on Tuesday night. Within no time, Harris was attacked by Republicans, such as asking her questions about her Indian and Jamaican Heritage. On the other hand, President Trump termed her “extraordinarily nasty,” an insult done to several women on the national stage.

Comedian Sarah Cooper tweeted, “So, let me get this straight. You think the Biden candidacy is going to be nuts, and you’re saying this FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE SINCE YOU DIED TWO WEEKS AGO.” She is best known for imitating Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Trump in response to Cain.


Cain, an outstanding Republican, died on July 30th due to coronavirus after battling with it for a month. Nine days after attending Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally, Cain was tested positive for COVID-19. At this rally, Cain, with many other attendees, was not wearing masks. However, the representatives said there is no way of knowing whether Cain contracted a virus at the rally or elsewhere. Tulsa’s health officials said that the event has likely contributed to the local spike in cases almost after two weeks of the rally.

What to watch for?

More attacks are likely to take place on Harris by GOP. The New York Times reported that Trump and his Republican allies are trying to take back their hits but struggling it to do so. At present, Harris is being treated both as an enemy and tool by Republicans. Trump and his associates are bewildered by showing the attacks that are countering each other.

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