Hits and Misses from the Final Night of the Democratic National Convention

Vice President Joe Biden

With Vice President Joe Biden’s acceptance speech as a centerpiece of the night, the Democratic National Convention has officially got over. There were high and low on the showdown night of the convention. 

The Hits:  

The charismatic, touching, power-packed, and dynamic speech from Joe Biden was the biggest hit. He highlighted the unity of Americans and stressed that the Americans can achieve whatever they set their eyes on. The second hit was from Tammy Duckworth, Illinois Senator. She fired Trump’s view on the military and defined what true patriotism means to her. The new Jersey Senator Cory Booker was all about positivity, passion, optimism, and energy. 

The Misses:

The decision of keeping a prime time slot for the former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg was not understood by many. Was that done because he has spent millions for the 2020 nomination? Also, the long speech from Joe Meacham was an odd choice instead of Democratic stars like Alexandria Ocasio and Julian Castro for instance. 

Last but not the least, there were no balloon droppings when the convention got over. I mean can you believe it?

Written by Stephen D