How did JoJo OverCome her Stage Fright?

JoJo has come out in open in gratitude as being a part of the ‘Masked Man Season 5’ to helped her to come out of her stage fright. The singer who made it to the top charts with ‘Too Little Too Late’ had been struggling for many years with her stage fright issues. This really impacted her mental and physical state. But now, she says that dressing up as Black Swan has really helped her to come out of it.

She has written on her Instagram: “Somewhere over the last few yrs I developed stage fright that has impacted me mentally & physically & sometimes makes it feel like I’m choking. I knew I had to do something about this feeling, & I wanted to stop taking myself so seriously. I figured donning a 15 lb bedazzled swan costume + headpiece while anonymously singing my heart out might be a good way to do that.”

She has accepted that her this stint on the show has really helped her to back her mojo.

She reportedly told E! News: “I don’t think it compares to anything I’ve ever done. But if anything, it connected me to that little girl inside me that just loves music more than anything – that pure joy when I sing. And it reminded me of that, above all else. It helped me get my mojo back.

“It’s the wackiest thing I’ve ever done, and it forced me to not take myself so seriously because it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own world and your own perception of your career – how you think things are supposed to go. I was just in a season of saying yes to things that scared me if I knew that they would probably be good for me. And this was one of those things.”

Meanwhile, the 30-year old singer launched a new song this week, ‘Creature of Habit’. The snipped of which can be seen on Instagram. One can see a snippet of it on Instagram. The song shall release on 1PM EST.

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