How Donald Trump Reacts to the US Presidential Bid statement by Kanye West?

Donald Trump Reaction to Kanye West Presidential Bid

On Tuesday, President of US Donald Trump has said that the declaration made by Kanye West’s, the rapper is very interesting that he is running for president.

On Twitter, it was declared by West, 43 years that he was running only for the highest office which is there in the land and this had been retweeted over this by half of million while it has been liked by almost a million.

He said that he is running for the president of the US with an icon of having a flag of the US along with the hashtag of the “2020Vision.”

Trump’s Reaction…

In an interview with the Reporter, Trump said “He May”. Further continuing the statement Trump said if he did like this then this will be a trial run which will be happening in around 4 years, as per him it is too late for the West to even register at some of the states also, he is not having enough of infrastructure for doing a presidential bid.

Donald Trump Reaction to Kanye West Presidential Bid
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In 2018, when West visited the Oval office of Trump and has put on a trademark with “Make America Great Again” on its red baseball cap for which the proposal has been announced on Saturday when the country is celebrating Independence Day.

There are no details provided by him for his assumed campaign.