How Jessica Simpson Loses 100 Pounds of her Weight? Explained by her Trainer

How Jessica Simpson Loses 100 Pounds of her Weight? Explained by her Trainer

Simpson after the birth of her daughter which is her 3rd baby, Birdie May in 2019 March she had been focusing on her health and wellness. Jessica Simpson by continuously doing a minimum of 14,000 steps every day she had lost around 100 pounds. The mother of 39 years is making small changes in her lifestyle and losing weight.

Harley Pasternak, trainer of her since long said that she had started with just 6,000 steps every day. She just wanted to get back into shape as before her baby weight, therefore, she wanted to do what she could do forever which is doing at present. So, she is not interested in doing major exercises or any diet plans. She had just worked up to walking a minimum of 14,000 steps in a day. Last September when she was shown the result, she wants to continue with it.

On Wednesday at the Instagram post, she seems to be happy that she had started working on herself before all her 3 kids grew up and get into her steps. She said that time should be spent with me, myself, and I. For one own mental health one should move on.

Healthy Food 3 times a Day is Secret of her Weight Loss

Simpson had a focus on having healthy food 3 times a day full of proteins with 2 snacks like almonds. As per Pasternak, despite having cheat day she is having many cheat meals in the week so she did not feel like she is not having her favorite foods.  She had also advised her not to overlook one main thing of gaining weight is not having enough sleep. There should be 7 hours of sleep at night.

He said many people do not value sleep for managing the weight and losing it.