How Much Damage Does Crypto Emp Do

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How good is crypto's drone EMP?

Crypto's Ultimate ability, Drone EMP, is the only one of his trinity of powers that can actually be used offensively - and it's pretty powerful. Using this ability takes 3 seconds to detonate, after which the EMP shockwave will deal 50 damage to all nearby enemies, and slows them much like an Arc Star explosion.

How do you deal with Crypto's EMP?

Since squadmates do not take shield damage from EMP, a risky tactic in a pinch is to activate EMP even if Crypto and his squad will be caught in the blast, giving your team an opportunity to attack or escape while the enemy recovers. It's very useful for Crypto to carry at least 1-2 Ultimate Accelerant s to quickly recharge EMP.

How much damage does an EMP do to squadmates?

Squadmates take no shield damage but are still slowed down. The slow lasts roughly 1-2 seconds. The EMP deals 100 damage to Octane 's Launch Pad. The EMP deals 50 damage to Body Shields and Evo Shields, both when equipped and on the ground, and Shadows created by Revenant 's Death Totem.

What can be destroyed by an EMP?

Crypto's EMP will immediately destroy Gibraltar's dome, Wattson's fences and pylons, Caustic's gas traps, Mirage's decoys, Lifeline's drone, Rampart's Amped Cover, Loba's Black Market, and even enemy Crypto drones caught in the blast.