How netizens reacted to Tom Cruise’s video of his trip to watch Tenet in a theatre

The 58-year-old Hollywood heartthrob has recently shared a 30-second video of his first trip to the theatre to watch ‘Tenet’ since the pandemic began. He captioned the video ‘Big move. Big screen. Loved it’. The actor was wearing a face mask, and also waved at fans driving past many tourist attractions of London, which included Buckingham Palace.

He also posed in front of the poster and a clip of him watching the movie. At the end of the clipping, a fan asked how he liked the film, and he replied ‘I loved it’, as he walked out of the theatre.

Many people were surprised to see the clip as the actor is known for rarely posting non-promotion pictures or videos on social media. Some claimed that he wasn’t wearing the right mask, and a few reacted that he should not take such risks during the pandemic.

Yet there were many movie lovers and actor’s fans, who have supported him for his love for the movies.